*Beware – Scammers after artists


My name is Patricia Filomeno, owner of Ink Graphics a local full service marketing firm and founder of I Love US 19 FL.
My passion besides my businesses is to paint. I do this as a way of relaxation and have been a part of numerous art shows. One of my proudest moments as an artist was when I was chosen as the featured artist for The Florida Orchestra’s 2014 Holiday Pops CD.

A few weeks back I received an email from an individual named “jonathan dilley” who seemed interested in purchasing one of my paintings, “Paz”, an american flag that represents peace and freedom with a vintage feel to it.


Here is how the conversation with “Jonathan Dilley” went as quoted from my e-mail account:

jonathan dilley <jonathandilley911@gmail.com>
Hello, I would like to purchase your Art work,Please get back to me with what you can offer,hope to read from you.Thanks
Patricia Filomeno <artist@patriciafilomeno.com>
Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your nice email. Which art piece are you interested on? http://patriciafilomeno.com/
jonathan dilley – Jul 1
The America Flag
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 2
That one is called “Paz” represents peace, freedom and has a vintage feel to it. It is $890
jonathan dilley – Jul 2
Okay,and including the shipping price to my florida address,you can send me ur details to put a check into mail so it can be ship soon,thanks
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 2
Shipping and handling is $50.
Total price would be $940. I am attaching the invoice on this email
send it to: *Address*
Let me know when that is on the way and I will ship the payment as soon as I receive payment. Thank you
jonathan dilley – Jul 5
Hello Patricia,
Sorry for getting back to you lately,is been a busy week due to the holiday,and hope you have a nice one too.the check for the paint will be put in the mail come these week,and i will get back to you once is been sent,Happy 4th of July..Have nice day
jonathan dilley – Jul 10
Hello, Patricia, Please let me know when you got the check mail for the art work,so we can go ahead with the shipping to my address
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 11
Thank you Jonathan,
I am traveling through Europe this week and will be back home on the 22nd. I will send the painting as soon as I get back.
Thank you!
jonathan dilley – Jul 11
Hello can i talk to you on phone before you leave?and i will be happy if you can handle the painting before you leave,meanwhile you did not notify me about the payment you got,i hope all is well. J.P
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 13
Hi Jonathan.
Unfortunately I left before getting the check so was not able to arrange shipping.
I will be back on the 22nd. I am sure I will find the check on my mailbox and will mail the painting then.
I hope you have a great week and will speak with you soon.
Thank you
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 23
Hi Jonathan
I am back home now but i did not receive the check.
Where did you send it to?
jonathan dilley – Jul 23
The check was sent to your address,and delivered in ur mail box.
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 23
how much was the check for?
jonathan dilley – Jul 23
You can go to the post office and get it,and i will let you know what the amount is,thanks
Patricia Filomeno – Jul 23
I got one check for $3250 but from a company called Idealliance Inc. Is this your company?
jonathan dilley – Jul 23
Yes thats is it,there was a mixup with the check sent to you,can we please talk on phone about this?thanks’

As you can see there was time and effort spent into this “sale”. I proceeded to call the number he provided and went through his voicemail. A few minutes later he called me back.

I did my research on this guy. I found a phony Facebook account under his email address and when I searched on Google nothing came up. I also noticed that when I called the number he provided it was a Google number which was suspicious. My father said to be careful, that there is a scam going around where they send you a check for a bigger amount that they are supposed to and ask you to just send them the difference back because they do not want to wait so much time for the new check to get to you.

When I called “Jonathan” he had a heavy foreign accent and said to go ahead and cash the check and send him the difference when I mail the painting to him. I proceeded to tell him that I knew that this was a scam and that I would not be sending him any painting or money back.

As an artist, I feel proud when someone spends their money on something I created and I understand that a lot of artists would believe this to be true and they will not only be robbed of their money but they will loose one of their precious pieces of art.

Photos from check I received along with the UPS Priority Mail Package are below.