October Business Social at Glory Days Grill


We want to thank all of our ‪I Love US 19 FL community businesses that came out to support our October Business Social. Special thanks to Glory Days Grill for being such gracious hosts, Roadrunner Digital for sharing with us their wonderful LED truck and Ink Graphics for all of the creative marketing and design.

Event Photos:

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Thank you Glory Days for a great experience:

Glory Days Grill®: 34200 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684

View our last event at Tacos Flacos

Thank you to our supporters:

Ink Graphics

Branding, Web & Print
Ink Graphics is an innovative marketing firm based in Florida that caters to businesses of all types and sizes looking to establish its brand, re-tool an old look, or refresh its current advertising and marketing campaigns. We specialize in creative marketing services including: logo design, custom web development, corporate identity, social media marketing, professional photography and print media designall reinforced with highly effective marketing strategies.
Learn more: www.inkgraphicsonline.com

Roadrunner Digital

Digital Billboards have brought advertising to a whole new level. With the latest eye-catching LED technology, LED billboards have opened up a whole new level for the outdoor advertising industry. With their lightweight design, high level of durability, and long lifetimes LED billboards now allow billboards to go mobile! So instead of people driving past the billboards… the billboards actually drive past the people.

Digital Entertainment and Advertising

The #BeautifulBag Project”

The Beautiful Bag project was created with the objective to bring awareness to The 2nd Basemen and to raise funds to provide financial assistance to families affected by breast cancer.

The mission of The 2nd Basemen, Inc., a registered charity, is to provide short-term financial assistance to families affected by breast cancer. “We pick up where insurance leaves off and help bridge the financial gap of household expenses.”
For more information on the The 2nd Basemen please visit: www.the2ndbasemen.org

“We will have this beautiful bag at each one of our events and every time someone makes a donation to The 2nd Basemen they get to sign the bag. Once the bag is completely filled with signatures we will auction it off donating 80% of the proceeds to this wonderful charity.”

To learn more about this organization, visit www.the2ndbasemen.org