Scam Artists Going After Web Developers


My name is Patricia Filomeno, I own a boutique marketing firm in Tampa Florida called Ink Graphics and one of the services we provide our clients is web development. Last month we received an email from a prospective client that came to us from Google.

This is the e-mail we got.

“Amy Gilbert <>
Good Day !!!
This is Amy Gilbert, i should have called you but i’m sorry i can’t because i hear impaired, And i would like to know if you can handle Website Design for a new company ? And i also need to know if you do accept Credit Cards / Paycheck as form/mode of payment? I hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,
Amy Gilbert”

We immediately did what we always do with a prospective client, we googled their e-mail address and name and found nothing.

We corresponded with this individual for a while. They basically wanted to pay us a larger amount of money via credit card and were asking us for a “little favor”, to send money to their consultant via money order as a way of helping them.

Here are a few tips when dealing with prospective clients that come to you from an internet search:
1.- ALWAYS google their e-mail address and name
2.- Do not give them your address or too much information about your business
3.- When something does not feel right consult with a business partner or friend
4.- Money never comes easy. Always beware and do your research

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  1. Right now this person is after me with exact same words and patterns… what shall I do??

    THank you


    • It was great speaking with you this morning Alex, we are happy that we were able to help someone else out there with the same issues.